Best Strip Club in Dallas Fort Worth To Watch Sports

Also, the Best Gentlemen’s Club To Visit After the Local Sports Games

When you want to avoid the disorderly crowds and watch your favorite sports team, have a great view of the players instead of nose bleed seats, enjoy cold beer with frothy foam instead of warm flat stadium beer, Rick’s Cabaret Dallas Fort Worth is your place to be.  Local fans love watching the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Rangers, UFC and Star games at Dallas sexiest sports bar. At Rick’s Cabaret, Dallas sports fans can root for their teams and avoid the rowdiness that comes at being at a crowded stadium.

This multi-section sports hub rocks dual 230inch Super HD projection screens and lots of tvs located thoughout the club. Catching the games at Rick’s  feels like watching from box seats. The second floor has Skybox style VIP suites with big screen HDTVs!
During Happy Hour fans enjoy $4.75 cocktails from 11am till 8pm. From the grill enjoy our famous $6.00 lunch specials from 11am till 3pm featuring the finest in steaks, seafood, pastas and sandwiches all served in the unrivaled Ricks Cabaret Style.  With all this boob-sports mixture, you’ll feel like a regular in no time. 

Part sports bar, part strip club; this Dallas gentlemen’s club is great for those die-hard Cowboys fans and a major draw for those folks who want to catch the baseball, soccer, hockey games and the ever so popular UFC fights.

Why are strip clubs popular after a sports game?

Because it’s uncommon to see sport fans pack the strip club to lament a loss or celebrate a win after a game.  Even losing is stressful and many fans need a place to let loose and relax after the tense pressures of watching their team lose by inches, or seconds. So why are strip clubs the place to go after a game?  Often many sports fans who like watching the games live, and being part of the rowdy crowd often would rather enjoy a more private party to celebrate their teams win.  Rick’s Cabaret upstairs ultra-lounge gets very busy after local sporting games are over. The lounge is a large plush area adorned in a sheik western modern motif featuring a private bar and semi-private seating area.

At Rick’s Cabaret in Dallas Fort Worth, we see a lot of local NFL Cowboys fans stumble in after what seems to be an all too common theme, not making the playoffs.  We know they didn’t do it this year, but maybe next year we will get to the Superbowl. Wishful thinking, right?  But you never know, so instead of dwelling on it, Cowboy fans just find themselves at their favorite strip club Rick’s for the atmosphere and the offerings... many sexy ladies shaking their booties and performing pole tricks, not to mention the food and music that just adds to the fun.  It also helps that many strip clubs, like Rick’s, are minutes away from the local football Stadium.  So mainly perhaps it’s just an easy ride up the road.   


Have Fun without Any Nuisance

Our well trained and agile security team ensures that there are no trouble makers in the crowd. We know how to create an environment where our customers and our girls can enjoy themselves without any unpleasantness.

So stop by Rick’s Cabaret Dallas when you are craving that sport, lap dance combo along with fine libations from beer to Louis XIII to award winning new and exciting entrees created daily by our Executive Chef.  It's that good balance you are looking for in Dallas, home of so many sport teams to cheer for!